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Licensing of Real Estate Agents, Property Brokers, Branch Managers and Property Consultants

Provisions for the Licensing of Real Estate Agents, Property Brokers, Branch Managers and Property Consultants in Malta

The Real Estate Agents, Property Brokers and Property Consultants Act​ (Chapter 615 of the laws of Malta) came into force on the 7th July 2020 and regulates the licensing of real estate agents, property brokers, property consultants and branch managers in Malta,

Pursuant to the provisions of this act, no person shall carry on the activity of a property broker or real estate agent or be employed or engaged as a branch manager or property consultant after the 31st of December 2021 unless he/she is the holder of a licence issued under the Act.

Declaration of Intent

Every real estate agent, property broker, property consultant and branch manager who is not eligible to proceed directly to apply for a licence but who intends to apply for a licence by the 31st December 2021 MUST, by not later than the 31st March 2021, inform the Board of his intention to apply for a licence as per Legal Notice LN 434 of 2020 – Declaration of Intent Regulations, 2020​ that came into force on the 20th November 2020 using the prescribed form (Form EA1).


Submission of the real estate qualification certificate is mandatory. Applicants not yet in possession of a health & safety certificate should proceed with their application for a license and, subject to the satisfaction of all other conditions, will be issued with a conditional license that will require that a copy of the health and safety certificate be submitted to the Board by not later than the 31st December 2021. 

There are three (3) Main Forms

1. Form EA1 – Application for property broker, real estate agent, branch manager and property consultant and Declaration of Intent 

2. Form EA2 – Application to Name an Estate Agency

3. Form EA3​ – Application to Recognise a Partnership


FORM EA1Application Banner.png
FORM EA2 - Application Banner.png
FORM EA3_1 - Application to Recognize a Partnership.png



Licensing Board
Real Estate Registration Unit 
MECP Head Office

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St Venera

Tel: +356 23316349

Last updated 08th January 2021