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LIFE National Contact Point

Rachella Muscat
Manager II
Phone: +356 2331 6232


Paul Turner
EU Project Officer
Phone: +356 2331 6312

Jan Quintus Engelenburg
EU Project Officer
Phone: +356 2331 6243



INCREASE LIFE! Project – Life14 CAP/MT/000005

INCREASE LIFE! is a Capacity building project aiming at improving effective participation to the LIFE programme 2014-2020 and increasing the overall quality of proposals submitted in Malta.
The objectives of the project were partially achieved during its life span 2016 -2019. Initially, the project encountered a low participation from Maltese applicants in the LIFE programme analysed by a Qualitative Study that mainly indicated unfamiliarity with the LIFE Programme, high National co-financing rate, low interest in environmental subjects, significant administrative work to compete at EU level. The LIFE Unit carried out awareness raising campaigns to inform potential applicants about the LIFE Calls, organised Information Sessions and delivered Proposal Writing Workshops during the project implementation, and in the 2020 year the number of proposals submitted in Malta highly improved compared to the previous years.

The LIFE Unit was able to attract potential LIFE applicants whilst others approached the LIFE Unit directly. Hence, the LIFE Unit provided support and guidance to applicants who requested the team assistance during application stages, particularly NGOs and SMEs. Some trainings and study visits were held, whereby knowledge was shared, and best practices exchanged with other National Contact Points.
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After LIFE - Sustainability of INCREASE LIFE!

After LIFE is the follow-up of the Malta’s LIFE Capacity Building Project. Following the Project closure, Malta has been continued to extend and enrich its position via the replication and enhancement of the positive results gained while acting upon the Capacity Building Project with respect to the new LIFE Programming period 2021-2027. The LIFE Unit is now exploring the way how Malta will further increase and improve upon its participation as well as quality of proposals submitted, thereby securing a higher standard of success.
It is therefore anticipated that this will be achieved through the continued quality assurance gained as a result of the capacity building exercise as well as by the implementation of a hands-on approach to guide LIFE applicants in developing their proposals and further improve the overall quality. Such quality assurance may be drawn from actions such as recruitment, and subsequent training of personnel.

Objectives are to:

Continue with efforts to increase Malta's participation in the LIFE Programme;
Continue to enhance the promotion of the LIFE Programme via structured and coordinated communication with all stakeholders;
Continue to enhance the inter-departmental implementation of environmental policy, with the mind set to increase the added value that may be derived from future LIFE projects;
Continue to build upon the awareness-raising campaign by way of enhanced communication with targeted audience;
Enhance communication between policy development and LIFE Programme implementation, thereby closing gaps between EU policy and implementation.
Follow up actions:
The LIFE unit intends to continue to boost its strengths, optimise opportunities, prepare for threats and mitigate weaknesses and enhance internal capacities with a mindset and belief focused upon identifying and acting upon shortfalls that may arise, thereby elevating standards while building upon the foundations laid during the Capacity Building Project.

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