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Published Results

Once selection results are issued, notifications appear hereunder on this site.  The actual results may be invariably viewed on the notice board in the Reception Area of:

Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise
MEEE Offices, 6, Triq Ħal Qormi,
​Post / Position​ ​Date
​Warden (Environment) ​​15/03/2023
​Security Guard ​​07/03/2023
​Manager I (Project Management) ​​16/02/2023
​Economics Officer ​​15/02/2023
​Manager I (Accounting and Finance) ​​15/02/2023
​Manager II ​​15/02/2023
​Technical Officer (Site Co-Ordination) ​​01/02/2023
​Manager II ​​16/01/2023
​EU Project Officer ​​28/12/2022
​Tradesman/Senior Tradesman (Carpenter) ​​28/12/2022
​Manager II (Project Management)​ 27/12/2022​
​Senior Operative (Maintenance) Group IV​ ​27/12/2022
​Senior Technical Officer (Site Co-ordination)​ 27/12/2022​
​Tradesman/Senior Tradesman (Tile Layer) ​​17/11/2022
​Assistant Technical Officer (Site Co-Ordination) ​​17/11/2022
​Manager I ​​14/10/2022
​Operative (Maintenance) ​​05/10/2022
​Assistant Manager (Project Management)​ 05/10/2022​
​Manager I (Human Resources) ​05/10/2022
​Manager II (Accounting & Finance) ​​05/10/2022
​EU Project Officer ​​12/09/2022
​​Manager II (Project Management) ​23/08/2022
​Gardener ​​19/08/2022
​Manager II ​​18/08/2022
​Junior Legal Officer ​​18/08/2022
​Tradesman/Senior Tradesman (Mason) ​​17/08/2022
​Operations Manager ​​16/08/2022
​Manager II (Human Resources) ​​12/08/2022
​Assistant Manager​ 05/08/2022​
​Security Guard​ ​01/08/2022
​EU Project Officer ​​08/07/2022
​Manager I (Project Management) ​​24/06/2022
​Heavy Plant Driver ​​02/06/2022
​Operative (Maintenance) ​​02/06/2022
Foreman​ ​25/05/2022
​Senior Operative (Maintenance) ​25/05/2022
​Assistant Technical Officer (Site Co-ordination)​ ​25/05/2022
​Operations Manager​ 25/05/2022​
​Manager II (Accounting and Finance)​ ​25/05/2022
​Warden (Environment) ​​18/04/2022
​Manager II  ​​18/04/2022
​Security Guard ​​18/02/2022
​Assistant Manager (Project Management)​ 04/02/2022​
Security Officer ​28/01/2022
​Manager II (Human Resources) ​​28/01/2022
​Manager II ​​21/01/2022
​Environment Officer ​​21/01/2022
​Technical Officer ​​13/01/2022
​Operative (Maintenance) ​06/01/2022
​Supervisor ​​24/12/2021
​Senior Foreman ​16/12/2021
​Manager I (Project Management) ​​10/12/2021
​Assistant Manager (Project Management) ​​10/12/2021
​Junior Legal Officer ​​10/12/2021
​Senior Operative (Maintenance)​ ​07/12/2021
​Assistant Foreman ​​07/12/2021
​Manager II ​​07/12/2021
​Tradesman/Senior Tradesman (Carpenter) ​​25/10/2021
​Warden (Environment) ​​15/10/2021
​Senior Technical Officer (Site Co-Ordination) ​​12/10/2021
​Manager II ​​08/10/2021
​Labourer ​​23/09/2021
​Manager II​ 22/09/2021​
​Manager II ​​17/09/2021
​Manager I (Project Management) ​​27/08/2021
​Environment Officer ​​26/08/2021
​Senior Operative (Maintenance) ​​04/08/2021
​EU Project Officer ​03/08/2021
​Principal Technical Officer (Draughtsperson) ​​02/08/2021
​Assistant Manager (Project Management) ​​02/08/2021
​Gardener ​​27/07/2021
​Manager II (Project Management) ​​15/07/2021
​Manager II (HR) ​​21/06/2021
​Scientific Officer ​​16/06/2021
​Manager I ​​14/06/2021
​​Economics Officer 08/06/2021​
​Warden (Environment)​ ​08/06/2021
Assistant Manager 28/05/2021​
​Manager I (Project Management) 26/05/2021​
​Operations Manager 21/05/2021​
​Environment Officer 05/05/2021​
​Manager II (Human Resources) 05/05/2021​
​Junior Legal Officer  03/05/2021​
​Manager II (Transport & Logistics) ​09/04/2021
Warden (Environment) 09/04/2021​
​EU Project Officer ​30/03/2021​
​Labourer (through Jobsplus) 30/03/2021​​
​Principal Technical Officer (Site Co-ordination)  ​30/03/2021
​Manager I (Project Management​) 26/03/2021​
​Assistant Manager (Implementation)​ ​25/03/2021
​Post of Technical Officer (Site Co-Ordination) 12/03/2021​
​Post of Manager I (Marketing) 18/02/2021​
​Post of Assistant Manager (Human Resources) 12/02/2021​
​Post of Senior Operative (Maintenance) Group IV 03/02/2021​
​Post of Inspector (Health & Safety) 29/01/2021​
​Post of Manager II (Implementation) 14/01/2021​
​Post of Environment Officer 12/01/2021​
Post of Tradesman/Senior Tradesman (Plasterer & Painter)​​  ​21/12/2020
​Post of Junior Legal Officer ​11/12/2020
​Post of Technical Officer (Site Co-Ordination) ​11/12/2020
​Post of Assistant Technical Officer (Site Co-Ordination) ​04/12/2020
​Position of EU Project Officer ​23/11/2020
​Post of Economics Officer ​20/11/2020
​Post of Assistant Manager (Procurement) ​20/11/2020
​Post of Manager Security Services ​10/11/2020
​Post of Security Guard ​10/11/2020
​Post of Manager II (Procurement) ​03/11/2020
​Post of Senior Manager (Implementation) ​21/10/2020
​Post of Operative (Maintenance Works) Group III ​19/10/2020
​Post of Tradesman/Senior Tradesman (Electrician) ​19/10/2020
​Post of Security Officer ​13/10/2020
​Post of Chief Scientific Officer ​06/10/2020
​Post of Foreman ​29/09/2020
​Post of Gardener ​18/09/2020
​Post of Tradesman/Senior Tradesman (Plasterer & Painter) ​16/09/2020
​Post of Assistant Manager (Human Resources) ​10/09/2020
​Post of Senior Technical Officer (Site Co-Ordination) ​02/09/2020
​Post of Assistant Manager (Implementation) ​27/08/2020
​Post of Senior Environment Inspector ​25/08/2020
​Post of Warden (Environment) ​25/08/2020
​Post of Economics Officer ​12/08/2020
​Post of Assistant Manager (Procurement) ​10/08/2020
​Post of Manager II (Project Management) ​07/08/2020
​Post of Manager I (Project Management) 07/08/2020
​Post of Operations Manager ​05/08/2020
​​Post of Environment Officer ​23/07/2020
​​Post of Manager II (Procurement) ​21/07/2020
​Post of Manager I (Procurement) ​17/07/2020
​Post of Assistant Manager (Accounting and Finance) ​15/07/2020
​​Position of EU Project Officer 15/07/2020​
​​Post of Manager II (Accounting and Finance) ​​10/07/2020
​Post of Junior Legal Officer 02/07/2020
Post of Manager II (Implementation) ​01/06/2020
​Post of Farmer ​04/03/2020
​Post of Manager II (Communications) ​20/02/2020
​Post of Assistant Manager (Fisheries Protection) ​14/02/2020
​Post of Senior Technical Officer (Site Co-Ordinati​on) ​13/02/2020
​Post of Motor Transport Driver (Group III) ​06/02/2020
​Post of Assistant Technical Officer (Site Coordination) ​05/02/2020
​Post of Manager I (Project Management) ​04/02/2020
​Post of Assistant Manager (Procurement) ​23/01/2020
​Post of Manager II (Administration - Fisheries) in the Fisheries and Aquaculture Department ​21/01/2020
​Post of Heavy Plant Driver (Group IV) ​20/01/2020
​Post of Pharmacist in the Veterinary and Phytosanitary Regulation Department ​14/01/2020
​Post of Scientific Officer ​14/01/2020
​Position of Manager (Paying Agency) in the Agriculture and Rural Payments Agency ​14/01/2020
Post of Trainee Junior Veterinary Officer/Veterinary Officer in the Veterinary and Phytosanitary Regulation Department ​07/01/​2020