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PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR THE ENVIRONMENT, CLIMATE CHANGE AND PLANNING - Further investment in urban projects for the community

Reference Number: PR210768en, Press Release Issue Date: Apr 23, 2021
Further investment in urban projects for the community
​The locality of Marsaskala will, in the coming years, have a new administrative building that will replace the local council’s offices and offer a number of facilities for use by the Marsaskala community. 
This was announced by Minister for the Environment, Climate Change and Planning Aaron Farrugia who explained that the new building, to be centrally located, will be constructed as a result of an investment of €530,000 from the Planning Authority’s Development Planning Fund.
The minister explained that the new two-storey administrative building which is currently under construction is located in the main square of the locality, close to the Marsaskala Parish Church. “Through this fund, we are financing intelligent projects for the community. Following the reform of this fund last year, we are now more focused on environmental and social projects which will improve the wellbeing and social dimensions of our country”, the minister continued. 
He explained that this fund receives financing from a few different sources, with on-street parking fees being the most significant among them. Planning gains too make up a portion of the fund, whereby a developer of a sizable new development is asked to make a financial contribution for the inconvenience caused in the locality where their development occurs. The contribution, therefore, is kept within the locality to be used on projects that improve its community facilities and green areas. 
Vincent Cassar, the Chairperson for the Development Planning Fund, said that the local council of Marsaskala has been wanting this project to be implemented for many years. “It is thanks to the Planning Authority’s Development Planning Fund that this dream can now be implemented and effectively delivered for the benefit of the Marsaskala community. Over the past years, this locality has registered one of the highest population growths and therefore it is befitting that the local council gets a new, modern and accessible facility from where to administer and provide essential services for its residents”, said Mr Cassar. 
He then concluded by wishing the council and its residents well on this latest project while encouraging other local councils to come forward with their proposals. The PA’s Development Planning Fund provides local councils and NGOs with the necessary financial support for them to be proactive and undertake projects that are aimed at improving the wellbeing, environment, and social dimension of our towns and villages.