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Reference Number: PR210633en, Press Release Issue Date: Apr 01, 2021
Increasing environmental awareness – Biodiversity guidebooks launched at Majjistral Park
​Increasing environmental awareness – Biodiversity guidebooks launched at Majjistral Park
Two guidebooks on flora and fauna have been launched to enable citizens and tourists to understand and appreciate the biodiversity at the Majjistral Nature and History Park.
During the presentation of the books by Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Sustainable Development Miriam Dalli and Minister for the Environment, Climate Change and Planning Aaron Farrugia, it was explained how the books will serve as a guide for the flora and fauna that can be found at the park.
To facilitate the use of the books, the flora guidebook is divided according to the colour of the flowers. The fauna guidebook is divided according to the type of creature. Complementing the photographs are descriptions, providing the information that goes hand in hand with what visitors can see at the park. 
The educational books also tackle the protection of the ecosystems and geology.
Minister Aaron Farrugia said that Malta, also through the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA), is addressing various aspects linked with biodiversity. 
“Biodiversity conservation and proper management of our ecosystems is an integral part of our work towards climate change mitigation”, said Minister Farrugia, while explaining that for this reason, and in order to increase awareness on the natural heritage of the park, the ERA sponsored the publication of these books on the flora and fauna found at the Majjistral Park, including a number of unique species found only in the Maltese islands. 
He added that various works are also ongoing by Ambjent Malta and other entities to further enhance the biodiversity of the Majjistral Park, an area of significant historical, archaeological and environmental value.
Minister Miriam Dalli described the publication of these books as part of the effort to encourage people – in particular children – to learn more about Malta’s natural habitat.
“We want to encourage children to explore and learn about biodiversity from walks in nature parks”,  said Minister Dalli. “Through these publications we want to help educate our children and understand the importance of protecting biodiversity. The flora of the park has adapted to the harsh conditions of scarce soil, lack of water, extreme heat and strong winds.”
She added that the flora gives life to many creatures, which can grow, nest and thrive in this area. 
From his end, Majjistral Park Chairperson Sammy Vella said that the park serves as a recreational spot for visitors, an inspiration to artists and a research ground for scientists. This is because it offers material for research on untouched natural ranges. “It is therefore important that everyone remains sensitive to the environment surrounding them, and follow the established paths”, said Mr Vella.
ERA Team Manager Stephen Saliba highlighted that the authority not only supports NGOs in the running of parks through the provision of technical guidance, but also assists through funding for the implementation of educational material for the general public.
The books have been published in both Maltese and English and can be purchased from the Majjistral Park Visitors Centre.