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PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR THE ENVIRONMENT, CLIMATE CHANGE AND PLANNING - First ‘Green Your Life’ scheme launched, more funds allocated for ‘Irrestawra Darek’ scheme

Reference Number: PR201923en, Press Release Issue Date: Oct 07, 2020
First ‘Green Your Life’ scheme launched, more funds allocated for ‘Irrestawra Darek’ scheme
​Intelligent and green planning has a number of social benefits, and green areas can improve mental and physical wellbeing. There is substantial evidence that people feel more responsible for the environment they live in if it is a green one, Minister for the Environment, Climate Change and Planning Aaron Farrugia said. 
He explained that it is for this reason that the government is announcing a number of initiatives and schemes under the concept of ‘Green Your Life’. 
The Minister announced the first initiative; funds dedicated to ‘Green Your Home’, a scheme financed by the Planning Authority with an investment of €2 million to create green facades. 
The applications will open on January 1st. The eligibility criteria will be published in the coming weeks. 
This will be similar to the ‘Irrestawra Darek’ scheme, in which another €3 million will be invested, allowing applicants who were on a ‘waiting list’ from previous years, to be able to benefit from this scheme. 
“This is part of the ecological transition that our country is going through. Our approach is a different one, where we are not only continuing our work on environment regulation, afforestation projects, and biodiversity protection in rural zones, but we have also begun looking at urban zones with the aim of improving the quality of life of all. I believe the time has come to improve the environment we live in every day and spend the most time in; our homes, our workplace, our schools, and the roads we pass from every day. Our urban areas should be greener, and we should plan in a way that it is beneficial for our wellbeing, but also necessary for sustainable planning for the future,” Minister Farrugia said. 
The Minister explained that, apart from these benefits, greener planning will help decrease temperatures in urban areas and mitigate other effects of climate change in these zones. 
He said that the Intelligent Planning Consultative Forum prepared a paper on green walls and green roofs, outlining the importance of both for a greener and environmental Malta.
The Minister explained that green walls, apart from making the country aesthetically greener, and contributing to the mental well-being of the community, also absorb carbon dioxide, increase oxygen levels, reduce temperatures inside households in Summer, reduce flooding and can also act as a pollinator.