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Implementation of a GPP Strategy at the University of Malta


The aim of this document is to present the Workshop #1 that has been carried out within the project ‘Implementation of a Green Public Procurement (GPP) Strategy at the University of Malta’ with the support of the Regional Activity Centre on Cleaner Production (RAC/CP).
This workshop was held at the University of Malta on 30. October 2012 and was attended by the following key stakeholders:
  • The Procurement Directorate of the University of Malta
  • The Cleaner Technology Centre, University of Malta
  • Minsitry for Tourism, Culture and the Environment, Government of Malta
  • RAC/CP
  • Inèdit Innovació Consultancy Company


The objectives of the workshop were fourfold:
To present the project (background, objectives, timeline, responsibilities…) and establish a working group responsible for the implementation of GPP at the University of Malta
  • To present and discuss the document ‘Perception and State of the Art of GPP at the University of Malta’, which is the result of the assessment of Surveys 1 and 2.
  • To organize the green procurement process at the University by means of (1) defining the University GPP policy and (2) setting priorities and targets for GPP.
  • To identify and reach a consensus on the necessary tools for the effective implementation of the GPP at the University of Malta.
The results and conclusions of this Workshop will be materialized in a summary document.

Workshop Agenda

Date 30th October 2012
Morning Session
09.30-10.00h   Introduction to the workship (obejctives) and of stakeholders
10.00-10.30h Project overview (objectives, timeline, tasks)
Coffee break
11.00-12.30h Perception and State of the Art of GP at the Univeristy. Results and discussion
Afternoon Session
14.00-16.00h GPP policy, priorities and targets
Coffee break
16.30-17.00h Action Plan and Identification of tools
17.00-17.30h Closing session