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FAQs for Contracting Authorities

1. How would the Contracting Authority know if the tender falls under the scope of the GPP criteria?

One may refer to the GPP criteria​ and the relevant definitions of each product group. For example, for a product to be considered as falling within the scope of GPP for textiles, 90% of the product must be made of textile fibres. Therefore, safety shoes would not be considered as such. On the contrary, t-shirts, caps and bags would. 

2. Should the GPP report (to be sent to the GPP office once tender is published) include all tenders published during the respective week or just the ones which include the GPP criteria?

The weekly GPP report should include all tenders published during each respective week irrespective of whether the tenders fall within the scope of GPP. 

3. What is meant by mandatory GPP criteria?

Mandatory criteria are criteria which should always be included as part of the technical specifications/ terms of reference of a tender if the type of procurement involved falls under the definition of these criteria. For example Office IT Equipment is a mandatory criteria; if the contracting authority is procuring IT equipment such as PCs, notebooks and monitors, the respective GPP criteria must be included in the tender.

4. ​I need to communicate with someone from the GPP office. Who can I contact?

It is best to contact the GPP office via e-mail on​. For more urgent queries, one may call on 2292 6236 or 2292 6325. 

5. ​As a contracting authority, how can I ensure that my tender is in compliance with the GPP requirements?

Whenever drafting a tender, irrespective of it being a work, service or supply tender, the contracting authority should consult its respective GPP coordinator prior to it being published. 

6. If my tender falls under the scope of GPP, what are the elements which need to be featured in order to be fully GPP complaint?
  • Include GPP criteria with the verification in the Technical Specifications/ Terms of Reference section of the tender document.
  • Include the verification in the Literature List.
  • Include the self-declarations in the technical offer checklist/questionnaire. 
  • The tender title should be greened. 

7. Can the GPP criteria be included in BPQR tenders?

The GPP guidelines provide a set of technical specifications and a set of award criteria which can be utilised when the tender is adopting the Best Price Quality Ratio option (MEAT).

8. Can the GPP guidelines be used for other types of procurement?

Yes, the GPP guidelines can be adopted for various procurement options, such as; quotations below the €5000 threshold. This is not obligatory; however it is a good practice which the GPP office recommends. 

9. Can contracting authorities opt for more ambitious criteria than those advised by the GPP guidelines?

Yes, contracting authorities are welcome to include more ambitious criteria. Contracting authorities may also wish to include the award criteria as minimum technical specifications. 

10. How does the 2nd National Action Plan differ from the 1st?
  • The GPP criteria also apply to quotations of €5000 published on the ePPS.
  • There are 6 new criteria.
  • There is a 15% threshold for GPP award criteria related to medical equipment, indoor lighting, imaging equipment, street lighting, traffic signals and wall panels. 
  • There are green finance measures.
  • There is the use of post-procurement auditing.