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Mandatory GPP criteria for wall panels are being discontinued by the European Commission. These criteria are therefore no longer of a mandatory nature

About GPP

Like any other economic activity, Government purchasing decisions bear consequences on the environment. The negative aspects associated with materials and resources use and the resulting waste should be reduced, whilst the positive aspects must be promoted. This aim can be achieved with the help of Green Public Procurement (GPP), which is an instrument designed to promote environmentally-friendly procurement practices.

GPP is a win-win tool which leverages economic and environmental objectives. On the one hand, it enables the public sector to obtain the best value for money and procure low-carbon, environmentally-friendly goods, works and services. It therefore represents an efficient use of public finances and promotes environmental improvement. On the other hand, GPP represents a business opportunity for the suppliers of goods and services, rapidly pushing the boundaries of the growing market for environmentally-friendly products and services. To this end, the Government has committed to lead by example and to give due recognition in public procurement to companies that promote green technologies and practices. As a result, GPP is a very important element within the Government’s green agenda and an effective tool to green the economy.