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Phase 2

​Development of options and selection of preferred option

During this phase the focus was on developing environmental scenarios. For this purpose a working group was set up. The scenarios were further discussed during a workshop in January 2011, and a Paper was subsequently prepared (see below).
Scenarios workshop
25th January 2011
The workshop was held to further develop the scenarios developed by the working group, and to involve more actors in Phase 2 of the policy formulation process.

Presentations (click on title to download)
Global megatrends - Dr. Marguerite Camilleri
From scenarios to vision - Dr. Jennifer Cassingena Harper

Scenarios Paper
This paper was prepared with the aim of complementing the publication of the consultation draft of the National Environment Policy by providing details of the policy scenarios that have been developed and tested in the second phase of developing the policy. It also includes sustainability impact assessment that was used to evaluate the scenarios and assist with selecting the preferred scenario. 

Download from here