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Air Pollution from Transport

Simple actions that an individual or household can take to reduce their exposure to outdoor air pollution from transport  i.e. precautionary measures you can take to protect your health from the effects of outdoor air pollution from transport vehicles: 

  • If possible, avoid busy roads when walking, jogging and cycling. Avoid peak traffic times and plan your exercise for “quieter” periods
  • Avoid exercising in the afternoon especially when hot and sunny as ozone levels are highest at this time (due to increased smog). When we exercise we breathe faster, breathing in more pollution.
  • Vulnerable persons e.g. asthmatics, children, elderly should limit prolonged outdoor exertion in areas of known high air pollution
  • As much as possible avoid exposing children to sources of air pollution from transport vehicles, e.g. on busy roads, sitting in the car in idle traffic with open windows etc., since they are more vulnerable to health effects as their lungs are still developing and maturing
  • Avoid prolonged stays in enclosed parking areas e.g. supermarkets, car holds

Simple actions that an individual or household can take to reduce polluting outdoor air i.e. actions every one of us can take to reduce transport related air pollution:
  • Decrease the use of your car — car pool , use public transportation when possible.
  • For shorter distances, cycle or walk. Apart from reducing emissions, exercise is healthy for you!
  • Avoid extended idling e.g. waiting for pick ups, doing errands, while answering your mobile. Turn off the engine.
  • Drive on the appropriate gear, at the appropriate speed for the road you are on, for example avoid accelerating quickly, braking hard and driving at high speeds. 
  • Keep car engines properly maintained and tuned. 
  • Be sure your tires are properly inflated and maintained at the proper pressure to reduce fuel consumption
  • Remove excess weight from your car and remove unused roof racks or bike carriers, which cause drag
  • Report polluting vehicles by sending a text message with the car’s registration number to Transport Malta’s emission alert number 50611899
  • Where possible avoid travelling at peak traffic hours to reduce idling in traffic times
  • Make use of any remote working conditions that may be available to you so that you do not have to commute to and from work every day
  • Choose your route carefully; where possible opt for bypasses instead of  passing through residential areas