Environment & Climate Change
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Environment & Climate Change

Mission Statement

The Directorate General for Environment and Climate Change within the Office of the Permanent Secretary has been established to drive the strategic and policy arm of the policies falling within the remit of the ministry.


The Division aims to mainstream green and low carbon policies and practices in all level of the government as well as the society in general. 

The Division is entrusted to design, evaluate and oversee policy matters. It co-ordinates and reviews all policy matters. These include legislative proposals, EU directives, transpositions and implementation, strategy documents as well as other policy documents such as management plans and action plans.

Organisational Structure

The core of the Division is made up of two directorates; Policy Development and Programme Implementation Directorate and Environment and Climate Change Directorate.

Policy Development and Programme Implementation Directorate

Ensures effective co-ordination of policy matters both at international and domestic level through monitoring of policy making and implementation. The Policy Development Unit analyses policy options as well as ensure s timely and co-ordinated action on policy matters. The project research and funding unit focuses on matching project initiatives with available financial instruments and acts as the LIFE national focal point while the Programme Implementation Unit provides guidance and support in implementing EU co-funded projects. 

Environment & Climate Change Directorate

Designs, evaluates and oversees policy initiatives in the key policy areas of environment and climate change including the drafting of strategies and action plans and the monitoring of the implementation of such strategies and plans. This directorate also co-ordinates the mainstreaming of green public procurement (GPP) policy and its implementation including the provision of training to the GPP co-ordinators of each ministry.